October 2008


Hey all,
Just wanted to update everybody cause I know a few people are reading this alot.

Today has been a good day. Jackson is very healthy and doing well. The doctors say he is doing great. He passed his hearing test with flying colors. He is feeding well and sleeps good. He is a very quiet baby and doesn’t fuss much. When he does cry, he calms down very quickly after being held.

He and Amy are both napping right now.

We have had lots of visitors from friends and family. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ll update soon.

A Note from Amy

Thank goodness for Epidural’s and wi-fi at the hospital.

Water broke around 2:30 last night and we checked into the hospital about 4:30 this morning. Despite the water breaking, I didn’t go into labor, so I was given the inducing drug around probably 8 or so. After dealing with contractions for a couple hours, I got an epidural around noon. It is now 3 and I’m still just put-putting along. Hopefully soon I’ll get to meet my son.

Derek is finally napping. I’ve gotten a couple naps in already today, but he’s been by my side waiting for me to need him. He was the perfect support during the contractions and didn’t complain even when I was hurting him! He’s been updating his blog and has a few pictures and that will have the most current news as we progress. I would be posting this on his blog, but I don’t know the password and I’m not going to wake him.

Both grandma’s are here and we’ve just been hanging out.

thanks for all the messages, texts, and calls! :)


It’s 5:40 pm.

Things are progressing good. We are predicting a delivery around 20:00 hours. Thats 8:00pm for all you normal people. :)

Amy is doing good.

I am tired.