There are no words….

For friends i know who are suffering…

There are no words

Sometimes there are no words

when life has planned for so much joy
and tragedy strikes to steal it all away
the hollow feeling in your soul
no amount of tears could fill

If only you could hate it all away
bargain it all back
there’s nothing you wouldn’t give
to just have one more day

when laughter and smiles no longer have meaning
time stands still
and these open wounds last forever

There are no words…..

grey and butty the days have no meaning
where will the strength to go on come from?
no rhyme or reason to it all
the day to day filtered and muted
robotic motions to the world
becoming numb as the pain and hurt
slowly kill it all from the inside

This is the hardest thing
I will ever face
how do I bury my child?
how can I live again?
I feel that this could kill me….

There are no words…..