PT Test

A new fiscal year in the guard and that means it’s time for a pt test at drill this weekend.

Success! I passed. I’m proud of myself for never having failed one in my almost 5 years in the army. Although for some reason I always get nervous about them. This one I was a bit more nervous about since Caroline was just born 3 weeks ago and my training for the test took a serious hit due to taking care of a newborn.

But I got over 75% in each category for a score of 236. I’m happy with that.

On a side note, I don’t understand how some of these kids continue to fail. You know the test is coming and you know what is required to pass. Just google it! Do the math and put in some effort for a month or two before the test. It’s not rocket science. I’m old and body parts hurt, but I can still pass them.

Ok rant over.
Bring on the holiday food.