2016 Movies!

So we all love movies.

Here are my top 10 movies of 2016, my top movie awards, and a few honorable mentions.
Note: This is of all the movies that I saw in 2016. There are plenty I didn’t get to see yet that would probably make the list, but life is busy.
Top Ten Movies of 2016!
1.  Rouge One
2.  Free State of Jones
3.  Eye in the Sky
4.   13 Hours
5.  Hacksaw Ridge
6.  Captain America: Civil War
7.  Money Monster
8.  Nerve
9.  Deepwater Horizon
10. Zootopia

Derek’s Best awards!
Best Action: 13 Hours
Best Drama: Free State of Jones
Best Comedy: Zoolander 2
Best Horror: Purge: Election Year
Best Sci-fi: Rogue One
Best Kids: Zootopia


Honorable Mentions:
Whiskey Tango Foxtrox
Jason Bourne
Petes Dragon
Dr. Strange

Hope you enjoyed my lists. Watch my twitter for more movie reviews!