So today was my last day at my current job. I start my new job on Monday. It was really weird to walk out of the office for the last time. It was a great 3 1/2 years and I will miss my codero buddies. But hey, that’s what facebook and IM are for.

Now it’s on to the next step in my journey as a computer nerd. I am now a linux system administrator for Analysts International Corporation. It is a great career opportunity and I look forward to the chance to further my knowledge and nerdery of all things linux.

My next goal is to get my RHCSA cert. That may take a few months but it will be worth it.

In other news, Jackson turns 3 in a week!

Thats all for now. later.


Site Updates

Updated my email for my server to google apps.

No point running a mail server on a dynamic IP that can change and that I can’t set reverse dns up for.

So I switched to google apps. It was super easy to set up. Took only 20 minutes. Dns propagated within 30 minutes. My email for my domain now runs through the Gold standard of email service: Gmail.

The high availability of google, amazing spam control, the excellent Gmail interface, and pop/imap access are just a few of the features. There are alot of other useful apps available in the free version of google apps as well.

I highly recommend taking a look at google apps for your email needs. They have a nice free version and a nicer paid version.

So, after the above paragraphs of nerdery, feel free to email me at [email protected].


Hello again.

I have updated my blog. I switched it off of blogger onto wordpress on my hosting plan.

I will be tweaking it as I go. But I like the wordpress platform much better.

I am working on possibly redesigning my web site. It depends on if I can find a good enough template to start with. I’m slowly learning css and hopefully soon Flash. Both require free time. ha! what is that?