random thoughts

The House is Finished

We closed on the re-finance of our house today. I now have a very affordable house payment at a great fixed rate. It is nice to have the stability.

Finally, all the long hard work has come to a end since we started in July. We moved in a few months ago after fixing the house up, and it now feels like our home.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped work on our house during these last 6 months. I am very grateful to all our friends and family for giving of your time and effort.

Thanks specifically to:

Michelle, Johne, Craig, Brandon, Margaret, Brad, Tammy, Forrest, Joe, Linda, HanNah, and everyone else who helped out.

All of your hard work has resulted in us having a wonderful home. You all are welcome any time to come over and hang out.

We are planning to have a open house sometime in the next month. We will let everyone know the details.

October 23rd

Random updates.

The house is almost done. We hope to move in less than 2 weeks or so…

Jackson’s birthday party is tomorrow at noon. Lots of pics will end up on Amy’s facebook, and possibly my website if I get some free time.

Christmas list is up on my main page at derekcreason.com

Work is going good. Seems like everyone is getting over or getting a cold/flu.